Scholastic Fundraising
Providing significant fundraising for schools and other special groups and clubs.


Humane Services

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APA SPCA is launched!

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Business Approval

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American Pet Association


The APA Scholastic Fundraising Program!

The APA School Plan is designed to raise badly needed funds for our nations schools. Public or private, all may participate. Benefits include;

  1. No costs for schools. Nothing upfront, nothing ever!
  2. APA Guardian Memberships sold by school and students to raise significant funds
  3. 500 students can easily raise $16,000.00 in 30-60 days
  4. Responsible, ethical and very effective fundraising
  5. Promote responsible pet ownership while raising badly needed funds for your school

Raise money for schools | Teach Responsible Pet Ownership | Interact positively with the community

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Changing the way America cares for its Pets!